In Wheel Time - Car Talk

EV Racing, quietly making noise on the track and the Superbirds!

October 14, 2021 In Wheel Time Car Talk Season 2021 Episode 231
In Wheel Time - Car Talk
EV Racing, quietly making noise on the track and the Superbirds!
Show Notes

We often talk about the growth of the EV market as well as the actual vehicles.  The concept of range anxiety is very real, and there are very real the past.  Many of those reasons are going by the way, however, in a place like Texas where there are counties larger than some States, it can be a long way from Point A to Point B.

We also talk a lot about racing, and for the most part, our EV racing has centered around drag racing.  However, we have heard of 'Formula E' in other countries, but today we are getting schooled on that very subject.

Joining us from the United Kingdom is Sam Smith, noted automotive author who has been following the eveolution of Formula E racing.  Yep, an electric verson of Formula 1 and while there is a lot of similarities, it is also very different.

In our features section, Michael Marrs looks at the Superbirds - those tall tail race cars that were banned by NASCAR...

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