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Houston Mopar Connection and the National Funeral Museum team up?!?!

October 11, 2021 In Wheel Time Car Talk Season 2021 Episode 228
In Wheel Time - Car Talk
Houston Mopar Connection and the National Funeral Museum team up?!?!
Show Notes

There are a lot of 'things' down in the Houston area, indluding the National Funeral Museum.  Now this may sound kind'a weird, but there are a lot of cool things that have been collected regaring funerals.  Famous carriages, or ideas that were so close as to only be used once, then there are limos and other artifacts.

With all this Halloweenish material at hand, the Houston Mopar Connection Car Club has been teaming up with the museum to host a car show each Halloween.  This year the event will be on Sunday, October 30, 2021 with several charities to receive the benefits of the event.  We talk with Troy Hawkes and Charlie Williams to learn more, so check out their Trunk or Treat, some cool cars, and a suprisingly neat museumEach week we try to have a car club to spotlight as we think it is a great wayto promote automotive comaraderie.   

In our feature segment, Don Armstrong has been over in the New Car Showroom with the new 2021 Ford Bronco 'Badlands Edition' and he has some things to say about this new SUV that is resurrecting a classic off-road name plate.

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