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Tim Esterdahl's Tale of Restoring a Classic for the Woodward Dream Cruise

September 04, 2023 In Wheel Time Car Talk Season 2023 Episode 271
In Wheel Time Car Talk
Tim Esterdahl's Tale of Restoring a Classic for the Woodward Dream Cruise
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Ever wondered about owning and building a vintage farm truck for an iconic event like the Woodward Dream Cruise? We are proud to be joined by Tim Esterdahl, who walks us through his journey of owning and modifying a 1962 farm truck that was literally in a barn, oozing with family history and nostalgia. Join Tim as he tells the saga of his truck -- from the challenges of sourcing parts and making last-minute modifications for the run to Detroit, to the thrill of towing it cross-country from Nebraska to Michigan only to realize that his labor of love is part of a growing trend in his generation.
 We get a glimpse of Tim's childhood growing up in Michigan and his early experiences at the Woodward Dream Cruise. Through Tim, we get to experience modernizing his vintage truck complete with a engine,  a new form fitting steering wheel, airbags in the suspension, and the other upgrades that made cruising Woodward a reality.
 Sooner or later we will make that trip and check it off our bucket list!

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