In Wheel Time Car Talk

Some great Movie Cars and the Cars of Billy Gibbons

September 09, 2022 In Wheel Time Car Talk Season 2022 Episode 239
In Wheel Time Car Talk
Some great Movie Cars and the Cars of Billy Gibbons
Show Notes

The idea of looking at great movie cars started out as just that, great.  But going back through the movies led to a list that quickly got over 50 entries - not all great, but all memorable as central to the movie.  So we started paring that list down and came up with a much shorter list of 14 movie cars.  Now this is all movie cars, some of which started on TV and became popular enough to be part of a movie.

From the movies to the music.  One of the groups that has made extensive use of their cars, or actually Billy Gibbon's cars is of course ZZ Top, that little band from Texas.  Back when MTV played music videos, some of the cars like the ZZ Top 1033 Ford 'Eliminator' Coupe was seen by a lot of people in several different songs.  
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