In Wheel Time Car Talk

Hurricane evac prep, the Battleship Texas, and some Recalls!

September 05, 2022 In Wheel Time Car Talk Season 2022 Episode 235
In Wheel Time Car Talk
Hurricane evac prep, the Battleship Texas, and some Recalls!
Show Notes

Living along the Texas Gulf Coast, stormy weather is pretty common, and an occasional hurricane can create a lot of problems.  Not long ago, an area in SE Texas set a national record for rainfall that not only flooded homes but thousands of cars.  Some classic cars were destroyed beyond repair and to see all those cars lined up in fields and even at Houston Raceway Park, it would almost make a person sick.

So as we head into the heart of hurricane season, we offer a few tips for taking care of the family and our vehicles in the event of a hurricane.

We also look at a local 'news worthy' event, as the Battleship Texas moves to a dry dock for repair.  This may not be the most interesting thing until you learn that the ship participated in WWI and in WWII.  In fact, the ship was part of the Normandy landings and was highly regarded as ship to be feared on the water.  Hopefully, in dry dock, the ship will receive much needed repairs and find a new home for more visitors to learn about some amazing history.
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