In Wheel Time Car Talk

New Car Tech - training consumers and we review the new Buick Envision.

September 01, 2022 In Wheel Time Car Talk Season 2022 Episode 232
In Wheel Time Car Talk
New Car Tech - training consumers and we review the new Buick Envision.
Show Notes

We do new car reviews, a lot of new car reviews on In Wheel Time Car Talk.  Somewhere around 100, so we see a lot of the newer technology.  As we have a limited time to spend with the vehicle, we have to learn really quick, but it is not too bad as the technology varies in how it is access or rather the user interface.  So it takes a little adapting, but we adjust.  But what is it is a new car, the first new car in a few years?  Or maybe a lot of years?   The average age on cars being kept is now about 11-years, so as much as technology has developed in the last 11 years for cars, image steeping in a new after driving a 2010.  Just the safety features like blind spot warnings, cross track warnings, or keep lane assist would be a lot to deal with.  Add in the auto parking option, the audio options, the centerstack touch monitor or even a dual monitor system with a mouse in the console.  That is a lot to learn real fast in a hurry.  It becomes incumbent on the dealer to help the consumer beyond just a purchase.  We discussion a few of the ways how that is happening, and even some times it didn't happen.

In our New Car Showroom, Don Armstrong is checking out the new Buick Envision Avinir, a small SUV with Buick quality and a potent 2.0L under the hood.
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